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PESTOKIL’s mission is to ensure a clean sleeping experience for our customers without the fear of bed bugs. Our solutions for treating bed bugs effectively have been used in homes, residential apartments, labor camps, laundry facilities, international hotels, hostels, and other living spaces. If you have blood on your body, bed sheets, or dresses, it is a smart idea to keep an eye out for bed bugs.

Bed bug control is very critical in order to eliminate the uncomfortable situation that can arise at night as well as the risk of infections. Bed bugs are very interested in the blood even though it can lead to different infections and diseases. By utilizing the latest techniques to treat bed bugs, we have been able to become extremely experienced at treating bed bugs over the years. This is due to the use of the latest technology.

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Bed Bugs Control Service

It is our pleasure to provide our high-quality beg bugs control services to our customers in Dubai. We are also pleased to be recognized as the city’s top pest control company. Our team has advanced skills in the use of the most effective treatments that can be used to kill insects and their eggs is the use of different advance techniques. These methods need extra precautions and safety precautions, and we have plenty of experience.

Is there a way to check if you have bed bugs? Here are some early warning signs:

Stains caused by blood

Your sheets will most likely have blood stains as one of the earliest signs of infection. There are small reddish-brown dots or stains on the skin. Human or animal blood has been fed on, leading to the excretion of blood.

Bites caused by bed bugs

You can find tiny insects crawling around your bed at night and biting you if you leave your exposed skin exposed, especially if you have your bed uncovered. Symptoms include red, swollen, and itchy bumps. People who have been bitten have been reported to suffer from snake bites. Usually, they don’t leave any scars.

A bug’s feces or droppings

– You can also look for dark brown spots which are usually long and cylindrical in shape. They have a rough texture to them and they will appear dry and flat on your sheets. If you can find a few of these droppings, there is a reasonable chance that you have an infestation taking place.

An egg sac or a burrow

There are many places in the house where these bugs like to hide, including pillows, mattresses, and other places that will not disturb them.

Infested with dead bugs

You might find that there are tiny bugs crawling on your blanket or sheets if you are up late at night. This type of bug is usually completely flat since it lacks blood, but crushed ones may also leave behind blood stains, which can cause confusion.

A review of inspections and controls is required

Due to the fact that you spend most of your time sleeping and resting in your bed, it is extremely imperative that you inspect your bed regularly. This is because these insects might come into contact with your skin.

Aside from that, detecting these bugs in their early stages can be a bit difficult, so hiring professional pest control services becomes necessary since they may be able to spot other signs of bedbugs, such as cracked skin, feces, and other things you may not be able to see on your own, especially if you are not familiar with the topic.

This is one of the most efficient methods. There is also the option of using steam as a treatment method, which is also a common and effective one. You can use a steam machine to spray bedding, carpets, mattresses, and couches with steam in order to kill the bugs on them.

An attached vacuum cleaner, along with a vacuum hose, can also be very useful when it comes to removing bugs and their eggs from hard-to-reach areas such as box springs, furniture seams, and the perimeter of the carpet. Furthermore, there are various practical ways in which bed bugs can be treated, including laundering, freezing, and heat.

It is not possible to spray insecticides in places where steam treatment cannot be used. However, it is still possible to use them in order to kill all stages of life of bed bugs, including eggs. The reason for this is that most insecticides cannot kill bed bug eggs since steam can eliminate them. Therefore, it is a suitable partner for most insecticides that can be placed on bed bug eggs.


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